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Popularity of Weekly Poker night Rising

How fickle are the odds? Ching, 24 found out by losing thrice at poker even though he played according to the odds in a friendly game of Acey-Deucy. He had bet $10 and lost $20. And their poker game has only just begun. Ching and his brother Gary are playing their weekly game with friends at their tiny two-bedroom place on a mild breezeless evening. And they aren’t the only ones rediscovering the twists and turns of poker lately in America. The World Poker Tour and some other sources estimate that about 40 to 50 million Americans enjoy poker on a recreational basis. They credit this surge to broadcasts of the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, the rapid growth of online casinos and to these games being depicted more often than before on television and on cinema screens. For Chang, the World Series on ESPN did the trick. Initially he began playing poker only from time to time, but his interest grew into exciting weekly poker games. They play weekly and sometimes go to other friends’ houses to participate in more serious poker. The bluffing and the risks involved in poker do the trick for them, but the stakes are generally low and the money won or lost isn’t too much because of real and other considerations. Poker is viewed by many as no more than a pathway to degeneracy, but bar-room philosophers and poets see it as a depiction of human fatalism coming to face with indifferent chance. The Poker World Series The World Series of Poker was started by Benny Binion, a casino owner, in 1970 in the spirit of the legendary five month poker game between Johnny Moss and Nicholas “Nick the Greek” Dandolos. To enter you must pay an entry fee of $10,000. Initially only eight players participated, but today more than 7000 do. This reaches a sum of nearly $20 million. What’s even more surprising is that when it was shown on ESPN it drew impressive ratings and became a hit. Due to new sophisticated technology viewers are awarded glimpses at the players’ cards and the viewers receive a god’s eye view of the whole game. This enthralls the viewers even more as the game constantly produces dramatic and thrilling moments like the incredible run in the 2013 Poker World Series of Robert Verkonyi, an amateur. One of the reasons for it’s popularity is that viewers can watch actual players betting with actual money, and not just fictitious scenarios. But a few movies have made an impact as well. Like old-timers who watched “The Cincinnati Kid” over and over, Matt Damon’s 1998 “Rounders” has become increasingly popular as well. The Poker World Series gave birth to the World Poker Tour, which is a joint venture between Lakes Gaming Inc. and Steven Lipscomb. These include tournaments in thirteen countries. In addition, they film and broadcast these games on the Travel Channel. Here too, the viewers can see the players’ cards. The World Poker Tour and the Poker World Series play Texas Hold’Em, a variation of seven-card stud. It’s not surprising, therefore, that this variation has become popular and is played in houses, garages and universities all over. Poker household games usually drag on unto the wee hours of the morning, but everyone as fun, don’t lose too much money and compete in a friendly manner. Poker has moved into homes and is gradually turning into a prevalent social pastime.