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Lesson 1 : Blackjack Basic Strategy getting started


his is the chart which you will eventually know as well as your own name -- but don't worry, you're not going to memorize it in this form. What we are going to do is convert all this into what a "normal" person can understand. I call what's above the "Basic Strategy Matrix" and you will use it in some of your training. But what we need to do in order to memorize this is to translate the information above into all-inclusive rules. Let's do a few as examples.

Look at the strategy for a player's hand of 9 on the matrix above; it says to double against a 3,4,5 or 6 and hit it against everything else. We can turn that information into a simple rule: "With a hand of 9, double versus 3 through 6, otherwise hit." See how this works? We are going to take each player's starting hand and convert the proper play of that hand into one easy-to-understand rule. Now look at a hand of A-2. Proper basic strategy says to double against 5 and 6 and hit it against everything else, so our rule for A-2 is "Double vs. 5 & 6, otherwise hit." As a bonus, we can group A-2 with A-3 since the play for each is identical. So we end up with a rule like this "A-2 , A-3; double vs. 5 & 6, otherwise hit." One more example; a pair of 3's. When double after split is permitted, proper basic strategy says to split 3's whenever the dealer is showing a 2,3,4,5,6, or 7. Against any other dealer up card, we do not split; we should just hit the hand. Thus, our rule for a pair of 3's becomes "3,3; split vs. 2-7, otherwise hit". Clear on all that? Good. Below is the basic strategy chart for the matrix shown above

Basic Strategy Chart

  • Player's Hand
  • Decisions
  • 5 thru 8
  • Always Hit
  • 9
  • Double 3 thru 6, o/w hit
  • 10
  • Double 2 thru 9, o/w hit
  • 11
  • Double 2 thru 10, o/w hit
  • 12
  • Stand 4 thru 6, o/w Hit
  • 13 thru 16
  • Stand 2 thru 6, o/w Hit
  • 17 or higher
  • Always Stand
  • A,2
  • Double vs 5&6, o/w Hit
  • A,3
  • Double vs 5&6, o/w Hit
  • A,4
  • Double vs 4 thru 6, o/w Hit
  • A,5
  • Double vs 4 thru 6, o/w Hit
  • A,6
  • Double vs 3 thru 6, o/w Hit
  • A,7
  • Double 3 thru 6, Stand vs 2,7,8 Hit vs 9,10, A
  • A,8-A,9
  • Always Stand
  • 2,2
  • Split 2 thru 7, o/w Hit
  • 3,3
  • Split 2 thru 7, o/w Hit
  • 4,4
  • Split vs 5 & 6, o/w Hit
  • 5,5
  • Never Split, treat as "10"
  • 6,6
  • Split 2 thru 6, o/w Hit
  • 7,7
  • Split 2 thru 7, o/w Hit
  • 8,8
  • Always split
  • 9,9
  • Split 2 thru 9 except 7; o/w Stand
  • 10,10
  • Never Split
  • A,A
  • Always Split

Remember The Basic Strategy Chart shown here applies only to the game described earlier; you must produce your own to fit the rules of your favorite casino. Once you've made your Basic Strategy Chart, we can begin to memorize it.

To do that, we will produce a set of "flashcards". Remember those? You probably learned how to add or subtract using those cards and they will also teach you how to win at Blackjack. You need to make one flashcard for each starting hand by reproducing the information above on a 2" x 2' piece of paper. (Manila file folder material does well for this.) Here's what one looks like;

When you're finished, you'll have a pack of flashcards which will help you to memorize the proper basic strategy for the game you've chosen. Start carrying them with you and as you encounter those "lost" moments we each seem to have in our day -- waiting for a plane, sitting at the dentist's office or even while watching TV, pull your cards out and start reciting the rule for the hand shown. Check your accuracy by flipping over the card and then put it on the bottom of the pack. You'll be amazed at how quickly you begin to learn all these rules.


I said this was a school, didn't I? Well, you will also have some homework to do before we get together again next week. Here are your assignments

Flashcards: Spend a minimum of one hour each day going through the cards.

Next we'll finish with how to learn basic strategy through a discussion and demonstration of additional training aids and exercises which will give you the means to check your accuracy. It is not necessary for you to have your chosen basic strategy memorized perfectly at that point; all you need to know now is HOW to learn basic strategy. Exactly WHEN you learn it is up to you, since each part of this course is separate and does not depend on you knowing perfectly what came before.

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